PODspace is an exhibition and education program managed on a voluntary basis by a group of emerging curators and artists.

PODspace stopped operating as a traditional gallery at the end of 2012, before experimenting with pop up exhibitions in 2013. During 2014 PODspace will again retain the pop up exhibition format, working with partners to activate spaces around Newcastle.

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November 18, 2010


3rd year drawing exhibition from
Fine Art students from the Newcastle Art School (TAFE)

Opening Night: Thursday 25 November 2010, 6-8pm

Exhibition Dates: Wed 24 November - Sat 11 December 2010

Drawing is an important component of Fine Art studies for students at The Newcastle Art School (Hunter Street TAFE). While a graduating exhibition at the Front Room Gallery in December will allow students to showcase their major electives (painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography), this exhibition is an opportunity to demonstrate just how fundamental drawing is to their art practice, regardless of their dominant discipline.

Resolved is a diverse exhibition. It highlights the wide range of mediums students have employed to explore, evaluate and refine techniques in mark making and individual concepts. The exhibition includes figurative, imaginative and observational drawing. Some of the work shown supports the artists' area of specialisation, in other cases it represents a larger body of unique drawings.

Alison Smith - Drift I, II ; Garry Hamilton - Red Grid Town #3

Rebecca Ramsay - Geometrical For The Absent Minded No.1 & No.2 ; Alithia Andrianakis - Untitled

Sarah Jones - Human Vessels ; Clare Banks - Circular Head

Thadeus Ikihega - Traffic Jam ; Jennifer Muldoon - Falling Through Time And Space 1,4

Justine Williams - Untitled

November 3, 2010

don't stop me now!

an installation by Stevi Cannon and Jen Denzin

Opening Night: Thursday 4 November 2010, 6-8pm

Exhibition Dates: Wed 3 November - Sat 20 November 2010

Don’t stop me now! is an installation whereby Podspace will not be used in the conventional gallery sense as a means of showing objects, but will instead become a place to experience ‘experience’.

Stevi Cannon and Jen Denzin ask “What is art? Why do we need to create works of art? What do we want to say?” These two local, emerging artists have come together to wrestle with the question of what it is to be an artist, and with the desire to engage with others – to bring viewers into a space where art has been made, where they too are free to question and interact. Installation is an art form that allows for this engagement. Don’t stop me now! will consider the relationship between the gallery space, the viewer and the artists, as they encounter each other.

Cannon’s art practice is multifaceted: dramatic actor, singer, performer, artist. Emerging out of a successful career in design, a serendipitous moment found her attending the Fine Arts Diploma at Newcastle Art School in 2007. A recipient of a Ford Scholarship for her efforts, Cannon is now completing the Advanced Diploma, majoring in sculpture.

Denzin’s current work investigates a residual ‘Asian’ aesthetic embedded in our visual culture through the mapping of historical, more specifically visual, connections between China and Australia. It is also an imaginary navigation of the silent spaces in Australia’s early history regarding Chinese migrants. Denzin uses casting, carving, cutting, moulding and installation to investigate and tell spatial stories. She is also currently finishing her Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture.