PODspace is an exhibition and education program managed on a voluntary basis by a group of emerging curators and artists.

PODspace stopped operating as a traditional gallery at the end of 2012, before experimenting with pop up exhibitions in 2013. During 2014 PODspace will again retain the pop up exhibition format, working with partners to activate spaces around Newcastle.

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June 26, 2012

And the Queen of Rust Tinkers in Her Own Time - Steampunk inspired work - WILLOW MORGAINE

EXHIBITION DATES: Wednesday 27 June – Saturday 14 July
OPENING NIGHT: Thursday 28 June 6 - 8pm
GALLERY OPEN: Wed - Sat 12 - 5pm

ARTIST STATEMENT Ever since I was a child, the interior workings of machinery have fascinated me, gears and cogs, pistons, nuts and bolts, to me, they all combine to create a magical happening, but without just one of them, things wont work.Growing up on an orchard and spending time around farm machinery nurtured this fascination. Now, as an adult, these things are part of the fascination that has become the Steampunk genre, fantasy, fashion, machinery, all blending together to become yet another magical happening. Since I became truly comfortable in my Fine Art degree, and began to trust my conceptual ideas, I have found myself steering my art towards this genre, and creating pieces with elegance and industry combined. My wish is to show the audience that rusty old machinery still has it’s use and can become a thing of beauty and intrigue once again, through the use of many mediums.